Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The exhibition at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery came down yesterday. Here are the comments we found in the orange folder sitting next to the Interviews video installation. Some are unsigned and some signatures are hard to make out.

Dear Artists,
This exhibition is so warming and affirming. I was there! This all reminds me of how we used to know ourselves as creative beings, always making. I LOVE this exhibition and suspect I could find sympathetic items somewhere in my treasure chests. Thank you.
Catherine Fox.

Dear Creative Folk,
Cheers! This is hilarious, also a solid testament to how our lives are shaped and influenced by the objects in the world around us.
Beck Sandford.

A story eh? Well this exhibit reminds me of the fish that lacked a polished silver spoon for eating homemade yoghurt that was grown on the back of a station wagon in the craters on the moon. No one knew the fish, he lived in dreams. Fabulous vivid dreams full of light, colour and hope. This was the way of the world.
Thomas Buch

Fabulous! I'm a 70s child brings back memories - especially the owls I would go to the park with my mother to find the sticks - we still have a green owl at home.

Absolutely gorgeous. It's brought to life so many forgotten stories, so many cultural artefacts that most of us have experienced so vividly, yet somehow forgot! Why did we forget for a while? It was such FUN!! and this is such fun and a lovely, lovely beautifully presented shared remembering.

Wonderful film. I can now go home and get out my embroidery (or fancy work as it used to be called) and knitting and do it to my heart's content.

Nice work all concerned. It's helped me justify my huge collection of packaged 1970s kitchen gadget. It's not rubbish, it's Art!
Adrian Symes

Thankyou for the wonderful journey. I did, I used, I applied all these things and more during my career and the video is inspiring.
DG [signature hard to make out]

While in London my sister spent weeks crocheting handbags made with bread bags. She took them to Camden market to sell. She didn't sell any - ever!

I've really enjoyed myself watching the video and remembering various "lost arts". Heart-warming exhibition, by all involved.

Great display. I love the jacket! Very creative food for thought. Thanks!
Carol Watson
USA Colo.

A "priceless" gathering of the "past" - now re-entering the future.
B. Fischer

A wonderful variety of creativity and exploration of different mediums. This display was enhanced by the excellent video giving a real insight into the artists' works.
Bruce Ryan

A wonderful tribute to the most poptastic decade ever.
Thomas Phipps

A fabulous exhibition. I remember fondly doing macrame on a board with a nail which my father had lovingly made for me. I also remember making a tube rag rug with a wooden spool with nails around the top - we'd wrap the "tubes" of polyester around it and pick them off into knots with a crochet needle - we called it tubing. My mother and aunt used to buy old aluminium lawn chairs and recover them by weaving the tube fabric on the frames. They are still in use over 30 years later! And of course who can forget Artex (as Hobbytex was called in Canada)! I still miss my kitten shirt.
Sandra Laight

It's a great exhibition, there are some really good Artworks. They really inspired me and gave me some good ideas to try. I really enjoyed being at the Bathurst Art Gallery and looking forward to coming back. Some really good Art.
N. Forbes

Beautiful, found it very interesting.

Great exhibition, both funny and nostalgic. I was there, and I realise how much of 70s Arts and Crafts still forms my own aesthetic today - and I don't say that sadly. Hooray for 70s valuing crafts and texture and pattern and life. It was fun as well as funny - what will we think of the "noughties" in the future?
Susan Freeman

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