Friday, January 25, 2008

About the interviews

A video installation in the corner of one of the rooms of the exhibition shows interviews where the stories behind some of the pieces in the exhibition are told. The interviews were recorded by Tracy Sorensen between October 2007 and January 2008.

Vivienne Binns, artist, interviewed on Saturday, October 13, 2007, outside the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery during her retrospective show. She tells how domestic handcrafts have inspired her own art. She takes a broad view of the arts and crafts as an essential human activity, the results of which surround our every waking moment, like the air we breathe.

Gerda Mjadwesch and her son Ray Mjadwesch, interviewed on Friday, December 14, 2007 at Grattai near Mudgee, in the company of Beverley the galah. Gerda and Ray take a trip down memory lane with a box of Hobbytex paraphernalia.

Yvonne Sorensen, artist, interviewed on Sunday November 4, 2007 in her home studio in Wyong. Yvonne mulls over the difference between art and craft.

Hannah Semler, arts administrator, interviewed at Peel near Bathurst on Sunday November 25. Hannah tells us the story of the purple woven wall hanging and the woven cloak her mother, Erika Semla, one of Australia's respected textile artists, made for her.

Cath Barcan, artist, interviewed on Sunday November 4, 2007, in the Tudor Inn motel opposite the Hamilton Bowling Club, where Cath celebrated her 40th birthday the night before. Cath talks about the string art lamp that reminds her of the string art on the walls of her childhood bedroom.

Margaret Smith, co-director of Bathurst's Hayloft Gallery in the 1970s was interviewed on Monday, October 22 at her home in Bathurst. She talks about the "grotties", ceramic figures created by Michelle Fermanis for an exhibition at the gallery.

Karen Woodhall was interviewed at home in Canberra on Saturday, December 8, 2007. She talks about the enjoyment and she gets from spirography, macrame, origame and the creation of personalised greeting cards.

Joy Engelman, artist, was interviewed on Friday, October 19, at her flat in Orange. She tells us about the macrame necklet made by Julia Walker. Necklets like these featured in a fashion show in Sydney with iconic Australian fashion designer Jenny Kee. Due to a last minute technical hitch, her piece did not appear in the video installation on show in the gallery.

Christine McMillan, artist, was interviewed at her home in Kandos in central west New South Wales on November 14, 2007. Christine's current arts practice includes creating pieces using echidna spines and wrapping trees in gauze. She learned needlework from her Scottish grandmother and continues to draw on her early love of traditional women's crafts.

Gabriella Hegyes, artist, was interviewed in her studio at Sodwalls, near Lithgow, on Wednesday January 23, 2008. Gabriella grew up in a whitewashed cottage in Szeged, Hungary, before fleeing the communist regime in the 1970s. Her grandmother taught her to crochet, and crochet remains an important element in her art practice.

Joanne Bright was interviewed on the site of the old drive-in theatre on Mt Panorama, Bathurst, on Tuesday, November 13, 2007. Joanne tells how she collected Kelly's bread bags from neighbours which she then crocheted into a coat. The only time she wore it out was to the drive-in.


neb said...

I would be interested to find out more about Karen Golland. I met her in uni and thought her an exceptional artist then. Is there any way to view and possibly purchase works by Karen? I am in Brisbane and can not attend the exhibition.

Tracy Sorensen said...

Hi Neb,
Thanks for your comment. We'll post images of Karen's work here over the next week or so. It's up in the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery now and looks fantastic. Stay tuned!