Sunday, October 14, 2007

The female unicorn - the beginning

Well, I've ordered a tube of lilac Hobbytex paint and some of that non-woven fabric that looks like the stiffening stuff Mum used to sew into collars and cuffs. Yes, there's still a Hobbytex factory in Sydney ( I've been quietly slaving over Photoshop, creating an image I'm going to title The Female Unicorn. It stars Denise (who is making a Manwich in the previous blog) on a rearing unicorn waving a feminist flag. Yes, Denise has gone through a huge process of self-examination and self-realisation since that day with the Manwich. After this, things have to move off the computer and into physical reality as I trace the design and work out a sort of paint-by-numbers colour scheme. Can't wait until the tube of lilac turns up!

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